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Students at Pendleton Sixth Form College were given the opportunity to attend a trip to CERN, also known as The European Organisation for Nuclear Research from 18th to 20th January.

The CERN trip was a fantastic enrichment opportunity for A-Level Physics students, as they enjoyed an exciting array of scientific, cultural and fun activities.

This included a visit to the United Nations for a tour around the global organisation, a trip to Chocolaterie Stettler to taste the famous Swiss hot chocolate and buy gifts for family, a walking tour of Geneva to learn about historic facts, and a meal at the famous Swiss Edelweiss restaurant where they heard music played on traditional Swiss instruments and learned how to yodel.

However, the main purpose of the visit was the day they spent at the CERN laboratory, the European Centre for Scientific Research.

This enormous engineering construction, consisting of a 27km circumference tunnel lying 100m below the ground, is the home of particle physics, the Large Hadron Collider and the place where the Higgs Boson was discovered in 2012.

They had a chance to explore the campus, visit the enormous detectors and eat lunch at the canteen with all the physicists and scientists who work there.