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In celebration of Pendletons 50th anniversary, Professor Lou Mayo, Blair Allen and Troy Cline from the space agency’s Goddard Space Flight Centre will be delivering a series of lectures and workshops to educate our students, bringing with them a mobile space lab.  

Set up by Troy – former director of NASA's STEM Innovation Lab - the mobile space lab is a creative space with an emphasis on space science content applications. It brings together NASA scientists, engineers and educators to explore and develop new ideas related to the infusion of education technology into STEM activities, programmes and approaches. 

Lindsey Abbott, the Head of the Centre of Excellence for STEM at Pendleton Sixth Form College, said: "We are incredibly excited and proud to be in partnership with NASA, and the visit will provide our students with an incredible learning opportunity.” 

Joining Troy is Lou Mayo and Blair Allen.  

Lou is a planetary scientist whose primary research involves infrared remote sensing of the outer planets. He was also a member of both the Voyager and Cassini infrared science instrument teams.  

Blair is an executive producer and co-host for the NASA EDGE video podcast. He has produced commercials, long-form episodic programming, and video podcasts for almost 30 years.  

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